Not just another men's accountability group

Enrollment is now OPEN and will CLOSE July 1

Press Forward is a private coaching group only open 4x each year.

Join the most powerful coaching group in existence that focuses on three key areas of life:

Mind, Body, Spirit

Men like YOU know that they are meant to be more.

Be more and give more to your families, to your community, and to the world.

Most will go their whole life never answering the call to greatness...

will you?

Results don't lie...

Jake S.

Neal has this incredible ability to hold space and create space for men to open up and really go deep on things that I believe we all tend to avoid working on...its' been extremely helpful for me.

Osmany H.

You need a great coach to get a chance to play n the major leagues. I have faith that Neal will help get me to the majors.

Louis K.

Neal's process and Neal's guidance have given me the ability to give myself, because nobody else can give it to you, the permission to choose my path. Here's to many more years of work and friendship.

Members Receive

  • Peer-to-Peer - A group of like-minded, conscious and aware men who are beginning the journey to being fully empowered while focusing on inner work through their minds, bodies and souls.

  • Doing the Work - Dig into doing men's embodiment work, self-exploration, radical integrity, self-worth and abundance training.

  • Life Structuring - Support with building an actionable plan for your life and then a path to accomplishing goals along the way.

  • Topics - Mindset, Masculinity, Health & Wealth, Radical Accountability and much more!

  • Calls - (3) One-hour accountability group calls per month with Neal and a motivated group of action takers.

  • Virtual - 100% virtual group calls that are held via Zoom.

  • Convenience - Two groups to choose from to fit the schedule that works best for you.